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In response to all of your kind offers to help…


IMG_1501Sten and I sincerely appreciate all of the many inquiries and offers to help us in this challenging time.  Many of you have already helped us so much and continue to offer more.  Honestly, it is awkward to just come out straight and tell you what we need and what would be helpful, but having become with familiar with our reality from Allistaire’s first time around fighting cancer, we know both the specifics and the immensity of our need much clearer than the first time.

Here are a few things that would without a doubt be helpful overall:

Pray for us

Call us up on the phone and even if we don’t pick up or call you back, know that we have felt the love

Send us a card and better yet – a picture of you to remind us of all those caring for and supporting us

Gas cards (Costco, Exxon, 76)

Cash is always helpful

Assistance with plane tickets to help us go back and forth from Bozeman to Seattle easier and quicker (you can transfer miles to us or contact us to arrange the purchase of a ticket, or help with a portion of a ticket)

For Sten and Solveig specifically:

Bring Solveig and Sten a meal.  We have set up an online meal schedule which will give you all the details.  You can click here and then under the heading, “Find a Meal Schedule…” enter the last name, “Anderson,” and the password: 2397

You can then sign up to bring them a meal on a Monday or Thursday.  Please look over what other folks are bringing so they don’t end up eating the same thing for a week or two straight.

If you’re not much of a cook or in a hurry but still want to help out, a gift card would be great (Co-Op, Papa Murphy’s, Town & Country, Sola Cafe, Pizza Campania)

Sten & Solveig’s address in Bozeman: 14176 Kelly Canyon Rd, Bozeman, MT 59715

For Allistaire and Jai specifically:

Please don’t send stuffed animals, crayons or makers = we already have SO many :)

You can sign up to bring Jai a meal on the “Take Them a Meal Website,” as well.  Click here and then enter the last name, “Anderson,” and the password: 3610

Gift cards to local grocery store and restaurants (University Village, QFC, Pagliacci Pizza, Metropolitan Market, Starbucks)

Target cards – Allistaire uses a lot of diapers these days with all of the fluids she is on and she’s getting bigger because of the steroids which means bigger clothes.

Mixed CDs with happy music for Allistaire

Address for Allistaire & Jai:  Ronald McDonald House, Attn:  Allistaire Anderson/B 14, 5130 40th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Thank you immensely for all of your kindness, generosity and love toward us.  You certainly diminish the weight of our heavy load and add joy to our lives!IMG_1506 IMG_1516