Monthly Archives: May 2012

Unpacked bags at last


I unpacked Allistaire’s bag for the first time since December.  All these months I have just kept her clothes in her bag, even for the four weeks we were home.  It was just easier than having to rethink what she might need and I just never knew at what moment the present situation could turn and we might need to return to the hospital.  Tonight her bag is empty.  It’s cheery purple with polka dots lies silent in the corner of the dark closet.  At long last her clothes and shoes have taken up their proper places in her closet at home.  Allistaire is asleep in her room.  The rhythmic rumble of the clothes dryer lulls me and the bed calls.  As I drove down I5 this afternoon toward home, I had an overwhelming sense of fatigue.  I’ll relay the details sometime soon but for now I am glad to be home and Thursday at 10:05 am, Allistaire will have her last bone marrow test.