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Isn’t it great that everyone has their own gifts and strengths?  Chris, man is he amazing.  Allistaire loved to flirt with him.  I’m not kidding, she would give him coy little eyes and try and get him to chase her.  (Did I mention he’s 22?)  She loves him and I love him.  He has brought so much joy to the Unit and to our little AML gang.  Tonight I bring you, with ecstatic joy, a gift from Chris.  A music video.  I love everything about it – but most of all I love that it contains the faces of so many people I love: Jenna with her dad Drew, Chris, Jenn, Alexa, Darren, Heidi, Bill, Sam with his missing tooth and playing with his legos, Lysen – one of our most beloved nurses looking good in green, Abi – strong beloved Abi in bed at the beginning, her mom Diane, Stellablue riding around on her lilly pad being pushed by dad, Andy holding little Soren, Urmilla and a few residents and more whose names I don’t know.

Thank you Chris for showing another side of our life there at SCCA – a life that is full of joy and vigor and fight and camaraderie!