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We’d love to see your face – How to Visit and Send Mail


Children's Hospital
I loved watching Star Trek when I was a kid – especially the original version.  The quirky stiff-legged aliens that looked like they were made of cardboard with some fancy metallic spray paint were hilarious.  My favorite part of all though is the “beam me up Scotty” ability to move a person instantly from one place to another.  I actually fantasize about this possibility on a rather frequent basis.  Sadly, no matter how far advanced our Sci-Fi movies have gotten, we still can’t suddenly be physically present with one another at the push of a button.

However, you can either send mail to the hospital or to the Ronald McDonald House where I have a room – either way it should get to us, but be sure to put Allistaire Anderson on anything you send (rather than Jai Anderson):

Hospital Address:  Seattle Children’s Hospital,  Attention: Allistaire Anderson, 4800 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Ronald McDonald House Address:  Allistaire Anderson, 5130 40th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Yet, there are many of you who are close enough to get in your cars and drive on over.  For those of you interested in visiting, here’s what you need to know:

1.  YOU CANNOT BE SICK  Please take this very seriously.  Allistaire and the other kids on her unit have very low to non functioning immune systems which cannot fight sickness very well.   In fact, when you enter her unit you will be required to sign a form stating you are not sick.  We love you but please wait for another time when you are well.

2.  Visiting Hours are from 8am – 8pm – but of course it would be best if you could call me ahead to make sure it is a good time.  Too many people at once or a rough day might make a particular time not such an enjoyable visiting experience.  You can also call the front desk to our unit and be connected to our room phone – Call (206) 987-2032 and ask to be connected to Allistaire’s room.

3.  We are at Seattle Children’s Hospital:  4800 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

4.  When you turn into Children’s Hospital the easiest place to park is either in Lot 1 immediately on your left for family and visitors or the parking lot on your immediate right which requires you to either take the stairs or elevator up to the River Entrance.  If for some reason both of these lots are full you can also park in the Ocean Parking and enter through the Ocean Entrance.

5  Bring your Driver’s License/Valid ID.  You will be required to provide this in order to receive a name badge and enter the hospital.

6.  Regardless of what entrance you use, there is a greeter desk where you get your badge and you can ask to be directed to the Cancer/SCCA Unit on Forrest 7.  If you want to venture on your own, come in the River entrance and follow signs to the Frog Elevators.  Take them to the 7th floor, turn immediately to your left and then to your left again, walk a few feet forward and you will see a ridiculously long hallway off to your right – head down to the Forest section of the hospital.  The entry to the cancer unit is to the right of the Owl elevators.

7.  Once you enter the SCCA Unit you will be expected to Purell your hands again and check in with the Front Desk Unit Coordinator.  She will let us know we have visitors.

8.  We get to enjoy seeing your lovely face!Cancer Fears Me