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shirt_bigYes, there was once a wee lass who got cancer. Who’s ever seen a bald kid except on those billboards? But there she was, little but fierce, fighting a foe who nearly took her down. But in swooped some sweet research from that powerhouse, Fred Hutch, who gave her hope for a cure and a chance to fight with the most glorious of weaponry. The battle raged on and on but she emerged – she is alive and thrives.

Do you know a baldy-top? Is there a face you behold in your mind, or in the mirror, whose life has known this fight? Far too many of those dear faces are gone. Far too many are not just touched, but ravaged by this villain, cancer.

Wanna give cancer the SMACK DOWN? Wanna join the fight to put more effective, strategic, targeted weapons in action against cancer? Do you want to obliterate cancer?


Buy a SMACK DOWN T-Shirt today!

$20 of every shirt goes straight to Obliteride which is Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s fundraising bike ride

100% of all funds go straight to cancer research!!!


My dear friend Emily, who rode with me in Obliteride last year, along with her husband Dave, have a screen printing business (Media Fly Screen Shop) and are generously crafting these shirts for only the cost of materials and shipping!  That means 100% of the profits from T-Shirt sales go directly to further cancer research at Fred Hutch!  Awesome!!!

Order your shirts by next Tuesday, July 29th and they’ll be on their way to you by August 4th, just in time to rock your support of cancer research on our Obliteride day.  Orders for a second printing will be taken through August 29th for a shipment date of September 2nd. Oh, and by the way, there are kids sizes too and won’t they just look so cute puttin’ the SMACK DOWN on cancer?!!!


Get inspired – check out just one example of what Fred Hutch is up to:  “Could this little thing be the next big thing:  Hope for a world where tiny T cells and other immunotherapies eliminate cancer without side effects”


Do it for all the baldy-tops we love : past, present and future!IMG_3588