Getting very first chemo as I type this


I just wanted to you ask for your prayers right now as Allistaire is getting her very first chemo.  This chemotherapy is put directly into her spinal column.  Ask that God would be pleased to bring about death in her cells  – that any leukemia cells hiding away in her spinal fluid would be destroyed.

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  1. Praying right now Jai. Every time I put little Ruby in Allistaire’s bouncy chair, I think of her and say a prayer of thanksgiving for her life and a pleading for the Lord’s complete healing. Love you all.

  2. Jai,
    Just wanted to let you know that Jess and I pray for you guys every day. We love y’all so much and cannot wait to be out there. We will be heading your direction Sunday afternoon and getting to the Seattle area on Monday. Hope to see you guys soon. I know you have a lot of help, but please let us know if there is anything we can do. There is so much I could say/write as I fight back tears in my eyes knowing what sweet little Allistaire is going through right now. I can’t imagine. But one thing I do know is that God is still good and God is still sovereign. He loves us more than we know, and often works in ways we do not understand. We can trust Him though because we know Him and His character…and that is deeply comforting. I just want to let you know that you are deeply loved. See you guys soon.

    Bjorn (for Jess as well)

  3. Dear Jai & Sten, JoMarie forwarded your blog to us. I want you to know that you are my prayers many times daily…first thing in the morning and the last at night! I am in a prayer group of mature, commited Christian women, and they are also praying for your baby. I can only imagine your heartache. By way of encouragement, Rachel’s friend’s baby had the same thing 4 years ago this month, and this week I got a Caring Bridge notification of her complete health and vitality! Please include us in your future updates. We will be praying for the long road ahead of you.
    Love in Christ, Niki Reavely

    • Niki – I know little ones have been so much a part of your life and I very much value your empathetic prayers! That is encouraging too to hear about Rachel’s friends’s child. We pray one day we too will have such good news to report.

  4. Oh, Jai… we just read this on facebook and read through your whole set of postings here. Our hearts go out to you and we are praying for all of you. I am in awe at the great “rest” the Lord has given you in such a tumultuous time. My heart breaks for both of you and I can’t imagine all the feelings and emotions you are going through. Our Lord is steadfast, good, and loving and as you have already mentioned does carry our burdens. We will be praying that He will quickly take these things from your sweet little one, and know He has great plans to teach and mold each of you. We will also be in prayer for Solveig as it’s difficult to be the older sibling when it doesn’t all seem to make sense. May God give you both a peace that passes ALL understanding and a reassurance as He stands as your rock. We love you both. Give each other a hug from the two of us and please, please, please…. if there is anything we can do (even through the distance) let us know. We love you both! ~Leo and Jen

  5. John and I will be prayer warriors for little Allistair and your whole family. Praying that God will bring healing and peace to you all. May He give you a “test”amony that will glorify His amazing grace and mercy.

    We Love you guys
    John and Darlene Mason

    • Darlene – your prayers mean so much to me – you know, you and John have a special place in my heart and I have always felt so genuinely loved by the both of you over the years! Maybe down the road when Allistaire is a baldy would you perhaps be willing to make one of your lovely hats with a flower on the side? Your’s are some of the loveliest hats I’ve seen 🙂

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