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What could it mean?  Morning after morning I’ve heard them say that Allistaire is afebrile.  It is a word it seems I should intuitively know but the options for it’s definition I come up with don’t seem to fit the situation.  I know the “a” part means “not” so I know she’s “not” something.  Not crazy?  Are they saying every morning Allistaire is “not crazy.”  No, this isn’t the psych ward.  Hmmm.  Not what? I kept meaning to look it up, but now I know, I finally caved and just asked the nurses, done with attempting to preserve an appearance of intellect.  So simple, it just means you don’t have a fever.  That didn’t seem too significant until now; now that she has been febrile.  I hang on the word, febrile or afebrile.

Yesterday I got to spend the day “out there” with the other crazy after-Christmas shoppers, trying to find some deals and battling the incredible traffic.  My sweet, sweet husband wanted to make sure I had a break from the hospital and spent the day with our little sweets.  Sunday night her fever spiked again and she was given more Tylenol.  Monday she remained quite non-energetic and spent lots of time just being held, which I pretty sure Sten didn’t mind.  She took a long afternoon nap and a short evening nap.  Thankfully she was afebrile, fever free, for the day.

Last night we had a lovely after hours visit from Uncle Bjorn, Aunt Jess and her parents, Mitch and Berna, her brother Austin and family friend Phillipe.  By 9pm though, Allistaire was down for the count.  We put her to bed and enjoyed eating pizza and starting a Netflix movie.  She woke up at 10:30 crying and upset and took a bit of time to settle back down.  Again at 1am and 1:30am she woke up crying and upset but very agitated and wanting to go back to sleep.  The nurse and I decided it would be best to try giving her some anti nausea medicine and benedryl combo.  It is so hard to tell what might be going on for her but apparently nausea, even now that the chemo is done, is quite common.  Thankfully she settled down for the night and has slept quietly since then.  At 2 am this morning they were scheduled to give her another round of antibiotics in her IV.  Thankfully, she has had no fever all night.  This is such an answer to prayer!  Please keep praying that she will be afebrile and hopefully regain some of her joy.

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  1. I keep praying for Allistarie each day. I know how a fever and cancer do not mix. My mom had that scare once when she was in the hospital. Iknow the up and downs I go through with my mom and her illness. I can not imange what it would be like if My little girl was this sick. God will kiss this BOBO and make it better. We have to leave the big ones up to him.I hope that things keep going well. KEEP UP THE HOPE and I WILL KEEP PRAYING FOR ABFEBRILE. Michelle Brunner

    • Thanks Michelle for all of your prayers and encouragement. How is your mom doing? By the way, please forgive me but I need some help knowing how we’re connected. I don’t always know last names and without faces it can sometimes be challenging.

      • I understand. I am good friends with Nick and Marta. Nick works with your husband. Marta told me your story she knew that I could relate some. We have not meet in person. Thanks for asking about my mom. She is doing ok she has good days and bad ones. My family has added your family to our prayer list. I things are going well this morning. MIchelle Brunner

  2. Jennifer you probably do not remember me but I knew you as a younger child. YOur Dad and my husband Mike Nadolski were on the USS Ohio together in Connecicut and we met up with you guys again in in 1989. Needless to say your Mom and I have kept in touch the whole time. I received her Christmas card with your challenges with Allistarie. I just wanted you to know that Mike and I are praying for your family and especially Allistarie. Hope a miracle happens for you and she will be home playing soon with her big sister. Pam Nadolski

    • Pam – thanks for your encouragement and prayer! And yes, I very much remember hearing of you and your husband growing up and I’m pretty sure the spaghetti recipe we use is from you guys – and I’ve never had better!!Approve and Reply

  3. Loved that 1st paragraph (well, loved all of them), but that 1st paragraph made me laugh out loud cuz it sounded like a conversation we might’ve actually had…. at Catalina or Pine Mountain or San Diego… wherever and over a box of hostess donuts. I love the meanderings of your brain and how you get from one lily pad to the next. hahaha. AND, I loved learning a new and critical to Allistaire word.
    Game on with the prayers for afebrile status.

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