Band of sunlight


Nearly every time I sit down in front of this computer to attempt to translate into words this life God has given me, I listen to the same album on my iPod.  I listen to it over and over.  Somehow it has become the background music to my life at the present.  It is music that helps me think.  There is one song in particular that I love more than all the rest.  It really isn’t even about the words.  I’m not exactly sure what the words are for that matter.  It is for one note; one note for which you have to wait just shy of three minutes. I play the song over and over sometimes just to hear that sound.  I anticipate all those two minutes and fifty seconds with growing eagerness, that beloved sound.  And when you reach that sound, that highest note in the whole song it is like slipping into liquid gold sunlight.  There you are standing with the full glory of the sun on your face.  One of the sights in life most beautiful and dear to me is that of an angry blue steel-gray sky behind and in the foreground you behold the late light of day slipping in under the clouds and absolutely illuminating, lighting up, exploding with beauty the trees nearer you.  There is something about that contrast of the color of imminent threatening danger with resplendent singing light the color of honey.  It is a clear fresh sort of light.  I fail in my attempt to describe it but if you’ve seen it you must know what I’m talking about.  That light is the color of this note.  I love this sound and it feels like a hand extending out to me, offering me hope.  It is a sound that tells me over and over – there is beauty.  There is beauty.  In the midst of the storm or in the midst of the ordinary, suddenly and unexpectedly there bursts into your reality this radiant light that in its wondrous beauty, simply silences the storm.  Whether the storm is actually silenced or it rages on and on and you just no longer notice it as you stand transfixed, I don’t know.  I just know the ferocity of the storm at my back makes the light on my face all the more invigorating.

Here’s the song if you’d like to take a listen: Ola Podrida: Run Off The Road

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  1. 1. Totally get it…the waiting for that one note in a song that changes you every time you hear it. I have on like that…and EVERY time, over & over, it transports me to a place full of hope, victory, & drive!
    2. Look at you… loading music on your blog. You’re growing like a weed, technically speaking! Way to go from neophite to beyond intermediate! I’m proud of you.
    3. I’m listening to that song as I type this… I feel like I’m in a convertible, with maybe a seascape in the background… and clarity washes over me as I drive down that windy road with the wind through my hair. and smiling..

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