Beloved Silly Sweet Cat Solveig


Thank you so much to all of you who have expressed love and concern for Solveig.  (Oh, by the way, for those that may not be familiar with Solveig, she is Allistaire’s sweet big sister – she’s our 5 year old joy!) Thank you too for your prayers for her during this time.  Being parted from Solveig is one of the many unexpected impacts of what is happening with Allistaire.  We are so blessed to have my family close by that has been able to help out with her.  We are also so thankful for Sten’s family who is all in Montana (Bozeman & Billings).  Solveig was quite disappointed that we had to cancel our family Christmas trip to Montana but Sten’s mom, JoMarie, was able to come out for a week and then bring her back to Bozeman.  Montana is a land dear to all of our family and while we miss Solveig immeasurably, we know we are blessed to have a loving family that is both willing and able and trustworthy to care for Solveig.  I think Solveig misses mom and dad and sissy, but I think you’ll agree from these pictures that it looks like she’s not having too rough of a time.

In these pics you get to see Solveig with Uncle Jens and her Aunt Jo, Jo’s sister, Annie who is a art teacher and Petyo, Jens & Jo’s dog.  Thank you Jo for taking all of these wonderful pictures for those of us who don’t get to take in Solveig’s lovely face in person.

Solveig  –  mom misses you so much!  I went to Target today while Allistaire was napping.  I so wished you could have been with me so we could get some popcorn and coke together.  Love you little sweets!

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  1. She is quite the artist! What a sweet, sweet little girl! Love thae faces:). Have been praying for her and for you as it’s hard to feel like your heart is in two places! So great to have supportive family!

  2. What a joy to see Solveig smiling so-o-o big and obviously having a great time! I’ve been praying that God would comfort her and help her through this time of separation and uncertainty-clearly He is doing that! She must have been in ‘artist heaven’ with those paints. Plus a dog to play with-doesn’t take the place of Mommy and Daddy and sissy, but it helps. Grace upon grace flows down!

    I’ve been thinking about my prayers for you-they’ve evolved over time, but always include that the Lord will strengthen and sustain you and Sten daily and that He will draw us all closer to each other and to Himself through this and that’s still my prayer as Solveig is apart from you. I’m so thankful for Sten’s family and the love they have for ‘the bug’!

  3. Jai
    I got the hats they are so cute. I know that Allistaire might not keep them on. But the will fit Sloveig so they can wear them together. ALison has a cold so I will not be able to bring them. We were going to give them to Marta and Nick to give to Sten but we deciede that sending them would be much better. I will send them out on Monday. I just wanted to make sure that the address has not changed. Just let me know. You can email me too I love seing the pic of Sloveig. Take Care and Keep the HOPE going.

  4. Hey Jai,
    I know I cannot be the only one missing your blog posts. I hope you’re doing well and Allistaire is doing okay, too! We continue to pray.

  5. Love the pictures of your sweet girl. It looks like she and my six year old Lily would get along great. 🙂 I am so glad she gets to have a fun little vacation and that you don’t need to worry about her. Hugs to you dear friend!

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