Milk & Honey


The Bible describes the land promised to the Isreaelites as “flowing with milk and honey.”  When Solveig was little, we were given a book that lists all sorts of wonderful books to read to and with your children.  The beginning of the book talks about how as parents we are to provide a life containing both milk and honey for our children.  Milk is the substance by which our very life is sustained – it is the crucial things of life without which we won’t survive.  But life is about much more than just survival, or at least we know in our core that it should be.  Honey is the sweetness of life, the beauty and joy, the substance which makes us delight to live.  In the picture above you see sweet Allistaire with her IV pole, and if you look carefully, you’ll see a bag and a vial with a dark yellow substance.  This was the time a few days ago that she was getting a transfusion of platelets.  Prior to this second round of chemo, her marrow had been doing a great job of producing platelets and her level had actually risen to 395.  On this day, her platelet count was 9.  She has to get a transfusion once it falls below 10.  She’s covered in bruises.  Blue rises up from under her skin all over because she isn’t able to sufficiently clot as a result of having so few platelets.  Platelets and blood are substances she needs to survive and we continue to be ever so thankful that she is able to receive them because someone gave them.  Budgets make room for milk, but honey is easy to cut, not easy to quantify in its worth yet we all know from the time we are small that sweetness in life is that for which we yearn.  Milk and honey are both essential to the pursuit of life.  A few days ago while Allistaire ate breakfast, we had the delight of having, Phil, a volunteer come to our room and sing and play his guitar for us.  His son had a tumor next to his heart nearly 40 years ago.  This experience moved him then and now to give back by being a honey deliverer.  Chemo is important, without it Allistaire would be overcome by Leukemia.  Scrambeld eggs and half pints of whole milk are essential to giving her body fuel to live.  But I think you’ll all agree, the little Allistaire we are trying to save is this one – this one who instinctively wiggles her bottom and claps her hands and woggles her head in immediate response to music, to one of the sweetest things in life.  It is this wee joyous being we long to see continue to grow and develop.

P.S.  Ever since Allistaire got her platelets and red blood she has been a much more agreeable little lass and has had far fewer fussy times.  She is ever my delight and I cannot get over what a wonder she is.  I so wish she and Solveig could be together during these days as I can only imagine the exponential joy they would have with one another.  Also, I continue to sleep much better and have not had a headache since I last asked for your prayers.  Thank you Father for this immense relief.

P.S.S.  Allistaire’s ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) is finally Zero!!  Now we wait for it to sit around at the bottom a while before it rises.  Last time it stayed at zero for 18 days.  Also, her phosphorus level was a tiny bit raised today which might be nothing but if it were to continue to rise it could mean that her kidneys are not working properly and that there could be damage from the chemo.  At this point they are not worried but will continue to monitor it.  Please be pray for the health of the rest of her organs and body that may have also been impacted by the chemo.

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  1. Your little girl cracks me up! Standing there with her hand on the door like she owns the place:). Maybe I should try come red blood and platelets for Kenna to get out of her grumpy pants phase:). Will be praying about the kidney numbers and am praising the Lord for your lack of headaches!! That’s so great! Maybe it was the pillow:). Hope you have a good weekend even though Sten is gone. Wondering if you get bored or if you stay busy during the day. Praying for your sweet girl and family. Hugs:)

  2. Jai, you are such a phenomenal mom. I love watching you with Allistaire & reading your posts about Solveig. You are very graced to the most excellent mother. I am so blessed to know you. Also, I am thrilled that it was just a little Red blood cell energy that miss Allistaire needed to bring her back to her joyous self!!! 🙂

  3. Sooo many greats things to be thankful for!
    I’m so so so thankful that she’s more gleeful and you’re sans headaches and getting sleep!
    AND, hilarious ‘puttin out the vibe’ pose with the platelet shot.
    Nice. 🙂

  4. Jai–This is Jan (in our group I guess it was “Janice”) from BSF. You & your family has been daily in my thoughts & prayers. I have been praising God for Allistaire’s good response to the first chemo & praying for no fever. I will pray for her chemo to be ferocious against the bad cells & gentle on the normal ones so her organs are protected. This thought brought to mind the verse calling us to be wise as serpents & gentle as doves. God has used you to reflect on some of His amazing truths. The pictures are great! Allisstaire’s personality sure shows thru.
    You met my daughter (Christie–tall, thin blonde who has a way with kids) this morning. She volunteers at Children’s on Mon. mornings. She was telling me about this cute little girl on the SCCA area who was collecting shower supplies with her furry dog in her arms & being distracted by everything along the way (a chipped area on a mural, the crash cart ). Apparently, she briefly talked to you & Allistaire. Christie would be happy to see Allistaire thru requesting a volunteer or thru getting a visitor’s pass & coming after volunteering. She would enjoy accompanying Allistaire on her trike rides or playing with her in other ways so you could get a break. She’ll plan to check in with you next Mon. to see how your day is going & if she can help.

    • Jan – thanks for all your prayers and thoughts on our behalf! I didn’t get to officially meet your daughter, but I think I remember seeing her this morning. I really appreciate Christie being willing to volunteer at the hospital! Volunteers are such a blessing to so many people here! I don’t know how well Allistaire would do with a volunteer, though, if I am around she doesn’t want to leave me for another. On the other hand, if someone were to work with her immediately after her nap, before she saw me, this might work. Christie is always welcome to stop by for a visit and we can chat about it then. Hope you are well Jan!

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