Stronger Indeed


Wow, I have hesitated over and over to post anything because I can’t think of anything better than to just watch the “Stronger” video over and over.  So…stronger.  Yes, stronger indeed.  The last several days, Allistaire has spent hours riding her bike.  Hours.  All she wants to do is ride her bike.  In the morning she pops up out of her crib and asks/declares, “Ride bike?!!”  At night when I put her to bed, it is the same thing.  When I tell her that there’s something we have to do, she says emphatically, “ride bike later.”  It has been so lovely to be outside walking and her intent on the joy of riding.

At her clinic appointment on Monday she had gained .3 kg since last Thursday.  Her ANC was up from 178 to 552; platelets were up from 122 to 212 and her hematocrit is now holding steady.  She is doing great and I am so hopeful that the results from Thursdays test will be great.  I asked Dr. Pollard if she thought we could get results back by the end of the day on Friday and she said yes, this should be possible.  It is nearly incomprehensible to me that we could be coming down to the last week of this.  Of course it won’t really be over, but her treatment will be and that is monumental!

So, here is a little look of Allistaire nudy sporting her tubies.  We look forward to those suckers being gone for good!

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  1. i know… i love that video and what it represents! i also love this little video of allistaire! her smile is absolutely adorable!! it will be so weird/great to have her tubes out… i can only imagine! i think i would cry with relief! it’s awesome she did so well at her appt, and i’ll be praying the next one is just as good and that you can get the results quickly. what a great mother’s day gift that would be!

  2. Hi Jai, I am a dear friend of Kim Hansen who worked with your husband at Freestone.I have followed your amazing journey with your little Angel Allistaire, I praise God for the blessing He has laid upon you. Your faith and LOVE for her shines through.I have been blessed and had my faith strengthened by your words and thankfulness!!! I can see that you have been a sourse of strength to so many during your own trying journey, God used you and you did not fail!!! I would have LOVED to see your precious angel in the video STRONGER, she is a role model at her tender age!!!!! God bless you and thank you for making so many of us remember our blessing!!!I LOve your strength,courage,honesty and I could go on forever!!!, My heart and faith are stronger because of you. You have met my daughter Tara who workd in urgent care, she has had you encouraging others and thin kd the world, Praying all continues to go smoothly God Bless, Sandy Massena

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