Fresh Start


Haaken & Aunt Jai

Happy 2012 Everyone!

I’m so thankful for fresh starts.  Even though nothing actually happened that made yesterday any different from today, there is something  joyous about the fact that we can know that 2011 is behind us and that we can look forward with anticipation to what 2012 will bring.

Sten and I had the pure joy of ending 2011 with two of our most favorite people in the world, Sten’s brother Peder and our sister-in-law, Jessica.  We four were married only months apart, moved from California to Montana months apart and had our first child only months apart.  In so many ways we have shared a lot of our journey as adults together.  They are dear to us and we are thankful for all the time we got to spend with them.

Tonight I just leave you pictures from our fun New Years Eve dinner night out.  Many thanks to my mom who cared for Allistaire much of the weekend and spent Saturday night at the hospital.  We four spent a lovely 5 hours at dinner, enjoying good food, lots of laughs, and deep, challenging conversation.  After dinner we enjoyed viewing the fireworks display at the Seattle Space Needle from Sten’s office on the 34 floor balcony.

As for our sweet little lady Allistaire, she is doing so well and is constantly full of joy, being spazy and doing little tip-toe dances.  Her energy level is definitely less but thankfully we’ve streamlined things a bit at night to provide for more rest for all involved.  Also, we are thankful to report that Allistaire tested negative for both possible viruses.  Due to the possibility of a subcutaneous infection in her diaper area, they have added an additional antibiotic.  Allistaire continues to get red blood and platelets from time to time to support her body until her marrow starts producing on its own again.

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  1. I love seeing the smiles on all y’alls faces!
    Also, Allistaire and Emery have the same cupcake jammies. It is a great reminder to pray for her every time Emery wears them, or I see them in her drawer! Of course, I don’t really need a reminder, but ya know, whatever!

  2. smiles! so glad you had a great time… how wonderful to see people who encourage you! praying this new year holds many blessings for your family:)

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