Wiggle Bottom


Though these are now a week and a half old, I wanted you to still have the opportunity to see some additional fun videos from Friday, 12/23/11.  Allistaire was having a great time with Grandma JoMarie’s fancy phone.  Though her hair is shorter now, her joy remains!

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  1. I was glad to read that you got to get out on New Years. I know that it felt good to just get out and have some fun. Good for you that was well needed. I love the wiggle pants. My Alison has the same type of dance moves too. I hope that you all are doing ok. Keep the hope. I will keep praying for your family. Michelle Brunner

  2. Jai and Sten, I think about you every day and pray for you and for Allistaire and also Solveig. I loved seeing the pictures of you and Sten with Jess and Peter and thinking of you all being together and for you to leave the hospital for a bit. It’s great to see JoMarie there with you. Met some women from her church in November. Love you, Betty

  3. ok, so many favorite moments
    -hearing your laughing voice
    -‘crash down’
    -Allistaire’s hilarious seated dancing… makes me think of yo on many a road trip
    -the pan over to Peder (and the peek of a view of the room where you live these days..helped me with context)
    -the opening of video 2, just the normal happenings of conversation (love the normal in the midst of the abnormal…or the new normal).
    -little Solveigh’s voice… it melts me
    -other (but I have to get back to work). 🙂
    Thanks, always, for the updates.

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