Enchanted Afternoon


Sten and I had a lovely Saturday.  The day was a glorious 65 degree, perfectly sunny, fresh, exhilarating day.  Despite a late start, we enjoyed a hike for the first time in a very, very long time.  We hiked just shy of 7 miles up and down one of the trails on Tiger Mountain.  It was exactly what we needed.  We pushed our bodies up the mountain and jogged all the way down.  There are few things on earth I love more than ferns and moss which were parading their happy, enchanted selves all around us.  The distinct smell of cool, wet forest caused joy to well up inside us.  It is a smell as old as my childhood.  Everywhere we looked, sun dappled through trees, new little sapling trees grew up on nurse logs, moss gathered in every nook, ferns laced out at every height, blue sky over head, birds twitting in the trees, an occasional gurgling steam, the soft ground under our feet.  We breathed deep the woods.  Just as the sun was dipping low over the reflecting waters of the Puget Sound, we came up through the trees onto a point in the late sun, the wind whipping up the ridge.  Later in the evening I could feel the salt crystallized on my face from a good exertion.  We could not have asked for a more wondrous afternoon.

The robins and red-winged black birds have returned.  There are buds swelling on the smaller trees.  Spring is not far.  I am both eager for it and a bit melancholy.  Seeing that a season is turning only makes it more obvious that time really is marching forward.  It is one thing to be in a hospital when it is cold and wet and dark outside.  It is a whole different story when you know you should be taking your two wee girls to the park.  We are doing well overall.  Sten is has booked his plane ticket to go visit Solveig.  He’ll fly out on the late Thursday night flight this week and then return the following early Tuesday morning.  Solveig is super excited as you can imagine.  Allistaire is doing alright though we had a very strange lab result today.  Her ANC (Absolute Neurtrophil Count) was 1624 today after being around 750 yesterday.  We’re hoping this is a fluke given that her ANC should be plummeting to zero any day now.  Up is not where we want to be headed at this point.  Hopefully it is a mistake but if not, please pray the doctors will have the ability to know how to interpret it.  Sweet Allistaire continues to be grumpy but pretty active.  Because her fluid requirements are much lower this round she has been able to be unhooked from the IV at night which makes for a more enjoyable night for both of us – she can move much freer and neither of us will be woken up by an alarming IV or a nurse coming in to clear pumps – yeah!

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  1. So glad you were able to get away together! We used to live in Issaquah, so we know that mountain:). The sun has really been great! Even when I’m inside it’s so nice to see sun out the window and not rain!

  2. Glad you guys got out to enjoy the day. As always your posts remind me to hug my girls extra tight and take complete joy in the little things. Keeping you in my daily prayers.

  3. Just got your thank-you note tonight… So sweet of you to take the time to write one even in the midst of everything… I’m horrible at writing thank-yous! Would love to meet you as well… I’ve thought about coming up sometime, but would like to without the kids so we don’t risk them being sick with something. Maybe sometime soon. I think God burdens our hearts for different people and different situations to help carry the load, and He has filled me with that love for your family. Praying for you guys as always… Specifically for your headaches:). Hope you have a good night:)

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