Miss Fussy Pants


Today has been a day.  I know in the scope of those battling cancer, I’m having it easy, never-the-less, Allistaire has become increasingly challenging in her fussiness.  She has bits of time where she’s happy but it is punctuated by a lot of throwing fits.  I can honestly say I do not ever remember being angry with Allistaire until today.  Whether she is feeling crummy from her chemo or is moving  into 2 year old reality, I do not know.  Perhaps some of both?  Every meal is a challenge as her absolute uninterest in eating is met with my absolute interest and sense of responsibility in getting her to eat.  This adds stress to our day for both of us.  The rest of her awake time she does great until her will comes into conflict with mine and then a temper tantrum ensues.  It is always a challenge to know how best to discipline, but this environment and her situation makes it even tougher to navigate.  I think I may need a plan in place for when she starts to throw a fit.  I’m thinking we may need to just plan to stop what we’re doing and take a time out in her crib when this happens.  The other part of this challenge is that she seems tired but hasn’t always been sleeping as long as it seems she really needs.  She did not wake up this morning until 10:30 but then woke up early and cranky from her nap.  Last night I heard her moan/whimper several times.  I cannot imagine why she might be in pain so we are trying some additional anti-nausea medicine to see if this is the issue.  My hope is that this is a phase that will pass as she gets to feeling better.  Her blood levels are looking like they should.  Her ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) was 312 today which is a much more suitable level.  Her hematocrit (red blood count) and platelets are getting close to the threshold where she will be needing a transfusion of both in the next day or two.  Thanks for your prayers.  The following video is from the end of last week, so imagine this one fit times about 12 and you’ll have a better picture of our day.

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  1. Oh dear… The joy of raising children:). That can be a tough age and I can only imagine how things are compounded when there are so many people around. It’s always hard when we’re out somewhere to know how to handle different situations. I think the idea of going back to your room is a good one. I’ll be praying you have a lot of wisdom, not just with tantrums, but to know if she is in pain, or how to handle her medications. There’s so many things on top of the fact that she’s almost 2. My kids did get a kick out of the video… Funny when you’re not in it:)

  2. hahah.
    a few things
    -your quote ‘I don’t know if she knows all those like those advanced entemology sort of things.’ hahah. I miss you Jai!!
    -love how kind your voice was in the midst of her teenage angst
    -as I watched her be unnecessariuly stubborn & listened to your unrelenting kindness, I thought that this is how I look before God… like a 2 year old having a tantrum. He only wants me best and I so often fight it. Thanks for posting yet another reminder of God’s grace in my life.

  3. My kids also enjoyed this video. No words of advice here. LOL- just grin and bear it with a kind voice and firm eyes. She is to adorable- we especially love the wiggly bottom when she walks and how she grabs her head when upset as if to say “OH MOM! NOT AGAIN!” and the “Humph!” she exclaimed towards the end. We are praying for better sleep for you both!

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