Check YOU Out!


From time to time I have these moments where I just want to yell out loud, “Check YOU Out!”  Sometimes something happens or I come across something where I am utterly awe struck with who God is or what He has done.  When I was in high school, my friends would often mock me and called these “environmental moments.”  Just a few minutes ago this occurred but in a totally unexpected source.  Okay, so the truth is I’m sitting in Starbucks, enjoying some time crocheting and watching some Netflix while Allistaire is napping.  Looking through my Watch Instantly I saw a documentary called, “Between the Folds.”  Apparently I had watched all but about 15 minutes of this a long time ago, so I thought, hey why not.  The movie is about origami.  I know, what in the world?  Not what would immediately come to mind as fascinating or God’s glory inducing.  Yet, at the end of the film they start talking about how all sorts of things in nature fold including proteins.  They were discussing designing proteins that can fold in certain ways to very precisely target diseases.  I’m doubtful I need to remind you that I currently dwell in a land where disease abounds and where little changes in things like proteins have really big and disastrous effects.  The magnificence of the double-helix  of DNA came immediately to mind, as did one little fact I learned in my Biology 101 class in college.  We did a lab where we used detergent to pull out the DNA from onion skin.  While I don’t recall the specifics, I remember that the length of the DNA molecule so perfectly packaged up in a cell was mind-boggling.  Maybe you love math like I do.  Maybe you don’t but bear with me.  I just found this online about the crazy specific lengths of DNA:

“The DNA molecule is threaded so fine that it is only possible to see it under high powerful electron microscopes. To get a sense of exactly how long an uncoiled DNA molecule is compared to a typical cell, a cell is magnified 1000 times. At this scale, the total length of all the DNA in the cell’s nucleus would be 3 km — the equivalent distance of the Lincoln Memorial to the capital in Washington, DC.

The human genome comprises the information contained in one set of human chromosomes which themselves contain about 3 billion base pairs (bp) of DNA in 46 chromosomes (22 autosome pairs + 2 sex chromosomes). The total length of DNA present in one adult human is calculated by the multiplication of

(length of 1 bp)(number of bp per cell)(number of cells in the body)

(0.34 × 10-9 m)(6 × 109)(1013)

2.0 × 1013 meters

That is the equivalent of nearly 70 trips from the earth to the sun and back.

2.0 × 1013 meters = 133.691627 astronomical units
133.691627 / 2 = 66.8458135 round trips to the sun

On the average, a single human chromosome consists of DNA Molecule that is almost 5 centimeters.”

The point just being – wowzer?!  Can you believe how smarty pants God is to have designed something so ridiculously long and so important to be compacted/folded down to fit in such a tiny space?  Check YOU Out God!!!!  I wonder how much He smiles, how giddy He must get when He considers the wonder of this bit of His creation.  If it were me, I’d be pretty proud of myself.  It is me that is pretty impressed with you God.  Way to Go!!!  You’ve got SKILLS!

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  1. Lol… You crack me up! I’m sure God is infinitely delighted with the fact that you can see that part of His creation and appreciate it. He is wowzers:). And heaven knows it’s good someone can appreciate it, because He would have been waiting a LONG time if it had been up to me to come up with that:)

  2. I think He is pretty proud of himself. He did in fact say “it is good!” In simpler terms that “wow, check me out”… but probably the same thing.

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