Yellow Light


We are in the midst of the ANC waiting game.  Allistaire’s ANC only stayed at zero a few days this time and made a big jump up to 150 this past Wednesday.  From 150 we went down to 12, then zero again and on Saturday it was up to 117.  Today we hit 180.  While this is so close to 200, it can still bounce around which means we can’t necessarily expect it to get up over 200 by tomorrow, but boy would that be wonderful.  The plan is for the nurse to come wake me up in the morning if it is over 200 so that I can call JoMarie right away and let her know to get driving.  She and Solveig are all packed and ready to head back to Seattle from Montana.  They just await for the green light.  We are so excited to have us all together again!  I really didn’t want to pack 5 days worth of clothes this time but forced myself to do so.  I already started packing Allistaire’s room.

Allistaire’s bone marrow test is scheduled for this Thursday, 2/23, at 1:30pm.  I’m guessing we may have preliminary results by this Friday afternoon but I’m not certain about this.  My guess is that we would then get final results by next Monday or Tuesday.  This whole process of waiting continues to be so hard.  We’re constantly waiting for the next step in the process, each step that will get us closer to knowing how Allistaire is doing.  In my humanness, I get angsty waiting and I get exhausted waiting because, mysteriously, I exert tremendous energy waiting.  The Lord is at work in this area of my life and I am attempting to sort in out in my mind and heart and begin to put words to it.  For now I leave you a video of Piper and Allistaire playing this past week and pictures of Sten and Solveig in Montana from his visit a week ago.

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