Four Peas in a Pod


We’re home!!!!  Of course I should have written this on Monday afternoon.  Instead it is about 2am on Wednesday and I’m just finishing up giving Allistaire her 1am dose of IV antibiotics which runs over 30 minutes.  I’m headed back to bed but just wanted to let you know that the nurse woke me at 5:24am on Monday morning to say that Allistaire’s ANC was 414.  I got up immediately, called JoMarie and told her to get driving as soon as possible.  She and Solveig arrived about 7pm yesterday evening.  It was a joy to be reunited and I hope to post a video of the extravaganza in the next day or so.  So much to say but way too tired to say anything more now.

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  1. So happy your are all home and a family again. Enjoy your time together and at home. I’m sure the sisters were happy to be reunited. Praying that you get to stay home until the next round starts.

  2. I’m overjoyed that you are all together again! I know things are back to normal, but at least having the family together is a wonderful enjoyment! Thinking of you guys always and miss you all. Take care!

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