2nd Bone Marrow Test Today


I’ll have to make this quick…we’re heading out to the hospital in about 20 minutes for Allistaire’s lab draw, doctor’s appointment and her bone marrow draw at 1:30pm.  Please be praying for another great sample!  We pray the nurse practitioner will be able to get into Allistaire’s bone marrow and draw a great sample that will give us an accurate picture of how Allistaire has responded to her chemo treatment so far.  We may have preliminary results by tomorrow, but at the latest probably Monday.  Please pray that the Lord would be at work in our hearts whatever the outcome may be.

Below is the video of Allistaire and I leaving the hospital.  It’s by far not the best video taken as I was solo in escorting Allistaire out – let’s just say that trying to video tape and coax an almost 2 year old and push a stroller all at the same time proved challenging.

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  1. love it!! it was so fun to hear your hilarious coaxing of the other adults… reminds me of so many SLS/RD/RA moments!
    And, congrats on getting both of you out of the hospital whilst filming… seems like a feat. 🙂

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