23 Hours at Home…So Far


My apologies for not providing an update sooner.  Last night after Allistaire completed the infusion of her last chemo for Round 3, the nurse took her temperature.  It was 37.2 degrees Celsius.  At 37.4 they start rechecking the temp every 30 minutes to see if it is rising.  Let’s just say we barely made it out.  Today Allistaire has remained fever free and full of joy of playing with Sissy.  It has, as before, been a true delight to see them together.  Overall she’s doing well.  You can certainly continue to pray that she will be fever and infection free, that her appetite will at least be stable, or bet yet, improve and that her body recovers well.  As long as we are able to stay at home, she will go into the HemOnc Out-Patient Clinic each Thursday and Monday.  During these visits she will have labs drawn, be examined by the doctor and receive infusions of red blood and/or platelets as she needs them.  I cannot say that she had a very exciting birthday, but she was home, we were together and she had fun dancing to music, wearing her sunglasses upside down on her face, driving cars, and generally frolicking with Solveig.

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  1. Hey! We were without Internet the last few days and I have been praying, praying, praying that little Allistaire would be fever free, so I was so excited to read this and your last post!! And how awesome that you were able to be home for her birthday… I’m sure that is celebration enough! So happy for you guys and that you are together! God is good and I’m praising Him for this good news!

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