A Storm is Brewing


Okay, so I had to use a ridiculously dramatic title to tell of Allistaire’s first encounter with Blue Thunder.  By 11pm tonight Allistaire will be halfway done with the 6 days of this final round of chemo.  The first four days she receives 2 doses of Cytarabine, 12 hours apart.  Tonight at 7pm and for the next 3 nights she will also receive Mitoxantrone or Blue Thunder.

So far she is doing great.  She is still eating pretty well and is in high spirits.  Each morning when she wakes up she gets vitals done and eye drops and then sits in her chair and eats while she gets her morning chemo.  Then she gets to be unhooked from her IV and spends the next few hours making laps around the unit on one different bike after another.  She’s also a big fan of having me push her in a wheel chair.  It has been great to see all the sweet nurses again.  Many have commented on how much taller and bigger Allistaire is getting.

Allistaire is talking so much more and mimics anything she hears now.  My most favorite thing is that in the last few days she has taken to holding her head to the side, squinching up her shoulders and saying, “I wuv you too mommy.”  There is nothing better than her little sweet face tenderly telling me she loves me for the first time.  She also loves to have me lay my head down on her pillow with her when she goes to bed.  She usually gets quite concerned about my bangs falling down in front of my eyes and repeatedly attempts to push them aside.  She is such a joy!

Thank you for all your prayers.  There are 3 days left of chemo and I pray that God would allow each and every last leukemia cell to be found and destroyed for good!

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  1. Wow… I can’t believe there’s only 3 days left!! That’s great! So glad to hear she is doing so well! I can just picture her saying I love you with her little shoulders… Too cute and definitely would melt me!! Yay for almost being done!

  2. Oh my word… I just watched your video… She cracks me up!! And are you kidding me that she is that good while she gets her meds?!? Wow!! She just sat there… amazing!

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