Like Walking Home with Isaac


Dr. Pollard called at 2:53pm yesterday to say that Allistaire’s bone marrow is clear.  There is no cancer to be seen.

The joy and relief burst in and is seeping in.  I’m sure it will feel more real once those tubes are gone.  Thank you for all of your prayers and love and encouragement.

We went to my brother and sister-in-laws today for the first time since last summer.  Tomorrow we’re going up to Port Townsend.  It is so amazing to be able to get away.  Monday Allistaire has her final labs drawn from her tubies and a discharge examine with Dr. Pollard.  Tuesday at 7:15 in the morning we are to arrive at the hospital for her “line pull,” scheduled for 8:30am.  Then we have to wait 48 hours just to make sure she is healing up well.  Then…we’re getting in the car and heading to Montana.  We plan to stay about 2 weeks and then I’ll bring Solveig back with us.  I think we’re going to do lots of little road trips and see many of the faces we have so missed in the six months and longer.

I’m going to bed.  The inspection for the house is scheduled for 1:30pm tomorrow.  I’m just trying to wrap up details and get on the road.  I’ve already been fantasizing about driving I-90.  I cannot, cannot believe we are at this point in the journey.  I told Dr. Pollard that is has felt like trying to drive out of some war-torn country and anticipating check point after check point, holding your breath and hoping that you get through.

Thank you Father for your generous provision.  Thank you for simple, plain, ordinary, glorious life!

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  1. Joy abounds for you and your precious family with this wonderful news of sweet Allistair. It is certain that her story in the life she has barely touched the surface of has moved and encouraged the faith of many, and will continue to inspire those who are walking through battles knowing they can simply trust that the hand of God is upon them. God bless you and the desires God has placed on your heart…take your road trips…ride your bikes…please continue writing and enjoy the most wonderful Mother’s Day because today is the day the Lord has made for you! Much love to you and your family. Terry

  2. What great news. So happy that you can move forward to your Move to Montana and Allistaire no longer has to be connected to tubes. Have a very happy and blessed Mothers day. You deserve it.

  3. Woohooo!!!!!!!! So happy for you! Thank-you Lord!!!!! Have a great Mother’s Day and can’t wait for you to get in your car and start your drive home:)

  4. Dear Jai and Allistaire,
    So thankful to our loving Heavenly Father for your good news. Will be praying for these last doctor visits and your travels. Looking forward to meeting you when you get settled in Bozeman. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

  5. Happy Mother’s Day Jai! What could be better for this day-we are giving prayers of thanks for God’s gift of health. Love, Lorna Heath & Reese

  6. Thinking of you this morning! Can’t wait to celebrate our cancer-free children in Bozeman in the future. Safe travels. Funny you mention leaving the war-torn country because I have been feeling like when we finally return to Bozeman, we will be like soldiers returning from war – weary yet grateful, not quite sure how to go back to “normal” life, and feeling as though few others know what we’ve been through. May your “homecoming” be so wonderful.

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