On Tuesday, May 15th, exactly 5 months from her first day of chemo and 5 1/2 months since we first heard Allistaire and Leukemia in the same sentence, the morning of the “line pull,”Allistaire sports her tubies for the very last time.

Then it was surgery time with a little distraction thanks to an iPhone and a Pixar movie…

48 Hours later we were in Bozeman and Allistaire was ready for her first bath without impediment, without para film, without press and seal, and without caution.  She seemed to notice none of this, not even that her tubies were gone.  But she was never-the-less excited as she repeatedly declared, “I find a booby!  I find a booby!”

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  1. Love the pictures! I am so excited to see that all the tubes are gone. I’m in Maine to see Lena’s graduate from Colby. Love Auntie Lucy

  2. Lol… This is SO great!!!!! And so great she is back to her little self! What a little sweetie… The pics are hilarious:)

  3. I really hope I get to meet this sweet girl when you come to Emily’s! This is so awesome. NO MORE TUBIES!
    Also, I am thankful that my daughter is not the only one who points out her boobies to me. 🙂 She usually likes to inform everyone that her sister eats her mommy’s boobies. Nice.

  4. Wow, since I have read every single blog post since day 1, I feel like I just finished the final page of the last chapter….and what a happy ending!!! I don’t think the sight of one single bandaid has every meant so much. I’m so happy this moment has arrived. Love you all, kelli murphy

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