Simple spring day


On Saturday Sten took off Solveig’s training wheels and in a matter of minutes she was off riding by herself.  We had a great weekend with the girls getting to play outside with cousin Haaken as Sten and his dad, Lowell, dug holes to put in a fence around the newly expanded garden.  The breeze blew through the aspens and I thought, wow, this is the life.

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  1. Looks like they’re having the time of their lives! So great to hear your continous laughter in the background! Life is good! How thankful I am for all these blessings!

  2. We miss you!!! Thank you so much for your sweet post about us. We miss our family at children’s but relieved to not have to go through the hardest of times anymore. I wish you could have met our sweet angel. I felt so bad that day that I thought you could come in and see little Esther and come to find out they were scared germs could get spread. We pray for you daily with all the things you lifted before us. God will bless you more and more. Don’t give up and giving it all to him. We hope to see you again, somehow and someway before we get to heaven. We will keep reading your updates and praying for more of God’s miracles. Rhonda and Jason Holtrop

  3. What amazing blessings! So great to see you guys as a family again! Poor Sten….Ed did that for our entire back yard and it is hard work!!! I’ve been praying for Ruby and your letter to her. I know your words will be a blessing to her and I pray she truly hears them. Enjoy those Montana mountains!

  4. Wow! Look how far you all have come! I think of you all often and am so happy to see your journey going towards greener pastures. God is good and I know that you touched so many lives when you were here and I hope you are able to touch many more in Montana. Much love! Stefanie

  5. How are you? Been thinking and praying for you guys so often!!!! Miss your face. You gave us so much joy in such a dark time. Praying for strength and peace and prayers answered for all you called out for!!! Rhonda and Jason Holtrop

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