Andy, Stellablue’s dad, called yesterday afternoon.  Solveig and I were with Grandpa Lowell at Cashman’s nursery getting plants for the new garden.  He called because he thought I’d want to know that they had been called by Ruby’s mom to come for a visit.  Ruby and Stellablue love one another and Ruby’s days are nearing the end.  Her 18th birthday is tomorrow and she will likely not make it to her prom in June.  My heart was heavy once again for Ruby and for her mom and dad.  This weekend as I hiked, I looked out at the vast expanse of space around me, the many far off snowy, rugged mountains, the fresh green rolling foot hills and the moving sky and I asked God over and over again to meet Ruby there in that small darkened room.  I asked over and over again that the splendor of his magnificence, that I was witnessing in that moment with my eyes, would somehow enter into that tiny space and that Ruby would have eyes to see it, that God would give her ears to hear His voice.  This morning I started trying to write her a letter.  I’m trying to convey the hope that God has given me through the many years of my life and the unique past months and tell her how that hope can be her’s as well.  Please pray for beloved Ruby and her mom and dad.  Please pray that the Spirit of God would give me His words to write.

Here is a short YouTube video of some of Ruby’s photography, her voice and a glimpse of her face.

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  1. Jai, you have an amazing gift with words and the comfort you provide to others. Praying for those words for Ruby.

  2. Praying for the Lord to use your hand and paper to display His grace. Hugs to you. Thank you for being a faithful servant. Praying for Ruby.

  3. Hi Jai,

    I was hoping for an update on Ruby. Also, how are you guys? Missing your blog updates 🙂

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