THIS is THE day The Lord has made!!!!!!


photo 4-4I wonder how many times I will sit in this Starbucks with tears streaming down my face.  This morning they flowed down and I could not help but raise my arms – I lift them, lift them up to The Lord – my Father in Heaven who holds ALL things in His hands!  He pains me with His glory – it is TOO much – TOO much!  Who are you God that you are so good?  So kind?  So generous?  Like the weight of searing sorrow, this joy, this wonder, it exceeds the limits of my flesh.  I, such a finite one, bump up against the bulk of the eternal God !  My face cannot contain this smile!

Come what may, this day is a day I feared would never, ever come.  I look back over the past four months of failed chemo after failed chemo and RSV and cancer popping up new place after new place.  I think of my sweet girl who went from frolicking to not being able to stand, much less walk.  Who is this girl?  Well, today she is a little girl full of spunk and joy and life and vigor and furrowed brow and enticingly adorable.  She now invites staff to come in and play with her, to watch a movie or just sit with her.  Today she has made it through hard-core chemo and awaits an incredible gift.  Today is a day of incomprehensible hope – a hope that seemed impossible not so very long ago.  Doors swinging open and open and open – the hand of God effortlessly pushing them aside.

How many times has my Father extended His arm out over the waters and invited me to walk – to step out on shifting waters, to look Him in the eye and trust Him, to put one foot in front of the other and put all my hope in Him?  How many days have the winds buffeted and the sky seemed angry and black?  Today, the sky is bright baby, new hope, spectacular blue.  He has brought us safe thus far.  Come what may, He has brought us to THIS DAY! Today’s circumstances are no promise of tomorrow’s circumstances – yet – today’s beautiful power and faithfulness ARE promises of tomorrow’s beautiful power and faithfulness.  Oh how I long to have these truths so embedded in every fiber of my flesh that all my days would be lived with as much joy and hope and rest as I know this day.  But He is so faithful to teach me again and again – to amass more days and situations and stories of how He came through  – how at His core He is Savior – He sweeps up the broken, the dead, the lost.  He sweeps me up into Himself!  Beware, He is on the hunt for you too!

Yesterday a woman on the other side of this spectacular planet, fulfilled her promise – she acted on the committment she made.  She gave.  She let her blood flow out.  For hours it was drained out of her.  I don’t know your name but – oh, thank you, thank you.  I was told only that you are a 37-year-old female from Europe.  When I heard those words my jaw dropped – “I am a 37-year-old female,” I thought!  In the same small span of time that God made me, He made another little baby girl on the other side of the earth, and one day it would come to pass that she would be prompted to sign up to donate her bone marrow.  Why?  I know nothing of her story, but she made a choice to be ready to give.  And then one day she was called upon to give – and she said, “Yes,” again!  And while I slept, her cells, her life blood, her CD34 stem cells, flew over the north pole and are due to land in Seattle at 11:15am this morning!

Transplant is projected to be around 3 this afternoon!!!!!!  It’s Day Zero – a beautiful day – THE day The Lord has made!!!!

(By the way all picture credit on this post goes to my super skilled sister-in-law, Jo! – thanks!)

IMG_2123photo 1-5 photo 2-6 photo 3-4 photo 1-6 photo 2-7 photo 4-5 photo 5-6

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  1. It is glorious. The whole dang thing. So grateful you have arrived at this place. This place of hope. May today be an open door that leads through many more open doors and hope filled days. Praying!

  2. T-30 minutes until touch down!!! Oh so grateful for this news. Sending you lots and lots of love, praying those new stem cells take fast and eliminate any threat of recurrence.

  3. Today was a beautiful day here in Europe–not a cloud in the sky, the sun shining ever so brightly, and bright blue skies! I felt as if the Glory of the Lord was shining down onto Earth as this woman so selflessly is giving so much to save a life 🙂 I prayed this morning as I thought of this ‘angel’ in the process of having her stem cells retrieved, and I prayed this afternoon for safe transportation halfway across the world…thank you for sharing this journey and allowing us to pray for you and your family and see God at work….His grace truly is sufficient. I’ll keep praying as the transplant takes place, and for a peace that passes all understanding.

  4. Wow, wow, wow!!! Thanking God that the day is finally here and for the person who is shared her very life blood. Prayers and praises all day long.

  5. Pops
    What a great day to give glory to the Lord! I was sitting here praying and giving thanks when I realized that this act of giving new life is so like the sacrifice o Christ on the cross for each of us. A gift given freely without reservation to bring new life from sins death. We are overwhelmed by God’s great mercy and faithfullness to Allistaire and His love and care for you and our extended family. Great is the Lord and worthy of praise! Love ya!

  6. Celebrating and praying that the Lored’s plan is renewal of life and abundance beyond your wildest dreams. Praise be that this day has arrived!! (from a fellow Bozemanite)

  7. So so so in love with this and happy tears are being she’s here, as well. I love the life in these photos! Congratulations allistaire!!!

  8. Woohoo!!!! So many prayers and so much waiting to get to this day! I have been praying for that woman on the other side of the world and that she would give. Such an amazing gift and so grateful to hear that she went through with it. Praying all goes well today. God is good in the good and the bad. Praising Him with you!

  9. Note to self… do not read blog before heading into work meeting. 🙂 Tears of happiness running down my face, mascara smeared, eyes blood shot red. C’est la vie. So, so, sooo very happy for you and your family. Allistaire, you got this girl!

  10. Praise Jesus, Thank you Jesus for this day zero… Thank you for Hope, Joy, Thank you for this 37 year old lady whom is giving hope of a long life to this precious child. Thank you for all the prayers of all those praying for her. Thank you thank you and thank you.

  11. Indeed! This IS the day the Lord has made. We are holding you all close in prayer today but we especially pray for those amazing new cells to take root in Allistaire and defend her precious body.

    Drew, Julie, Danica, Kendra and most especially Jenna (who will share June 18 with Allistaire as a second birthday – how neat!!)

  12. What great news for you and Allistaire. So thankful she has an angel in Europe willing to help her get the nourishment she needs for her body. Praying that all goes well today. Enjoy reading your posts. You are a very inspirational person and make me want to be a better person.

  13. “The faithful love of the Lord never ends: His mercies never cease. Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning.” Lamentations 3: 22-23. Prayers for this day zero and going forward toward many new tomorrows!

  14. We are rejoicing in God’s amazing provision and are basking in the wonder of it all – how He has orchestrated everything! Your whole family continues to be lifted up in prayer!

  15. Celebrating and praying with you!
    The eternal God is your refuge, and his everlasting arms are under you.
    Deuteronomy 33:27

  16. We pray for Allistaire and all of you often and we are rejoicing with you today as she received her new bone marrow and we will be praying for the Lord’s healing hand on her through this transplant. Thank you for sharing so candidly all that the Lord has been teaching you through this, it has encouraged my faith even in the small daily trials and pains of life. He is good and His grace sustains us. God bless you and your family as you continue to walk through the days to come and seek His face and His will in it all. Love, Your sister in Christ, Kara (we’ve never met, but I heard about your family through a couple friends, the Vaheys and the Stouts, and have prayed for you since February along with my kids- we live in SE Asia). Keep fighting the good fight of faith!

  17. This is my first time reading your blog….crying as I type this….GOD IS SO GOOOD!! Glad there is someone out there to donate and your little beauty will get her chance. Praying it all goes AWESOME!!

  18. ” This is the day that The Lord hath made, let us rejoice and give praise! We praise You Father for allowing this day for little Allistaire to be here. We know oh, Lord that this day is a gift from you. Thank ,thank you, thank you. We also pray for the heart of the one who has chosen so freely of herself to give so that Allistaire might have life. May your blessing be upon her. Oh, how this reminds us of The Lord Jesus Christ, who freely gave of Himself that we might have life. Oh, what an Awesome God we have to be able to orchestrate such a plan. Praying for all of you.

  19. Such wonderful news! God is faithful! The first I have read of your story and I can sense your incredible love of your daughter and of the Lord that you serve! I pray with you that many, many, many more Blessings fall upon your sweet one.

  20. Just read your story today. I’m praying for your family and your little girl. God has a plan for her life and He is working His plan right now. We don’t always understand His plan but He will carry you, and your baby girl through as He has been doing day after day. May God bless you in a special way today!

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