IMG_3193There is a woman on the other side of the earth who has offered up her life to my child TWICE!!!! Allistaire’s bone marrow donor from June 2013 has once again made it possible for Allistaire to have another chance at life!  The unrelated bone marrow donor search coordinator just called to say that consent has come through from Allistaire’s donor to use the remaining stored cells, from her original donation, to be used in the WT1 genetically modified T-Cell trial!  I am in awe and mind-blowing crazy thankfulness for her generosity and compassion!  Thank you Thank you Thank you woman out there who I long to one day thank in person!!!!!!

It will take a few days to coordinate the paperwork and begin the cell processing.  The cells should be ready in about 6 weeks but must be given in coordination with Allistaire’s chemo schedule.  There are certain thresholds for count recovery (recovery of her blood counts/marrow) written into the protocol that must be met before she can receive the T-cells.  It would be ideal if the T-cells could be ready at just the right time to be given to Allistaire once she’s sufficiently recovered her counts so that the cells do not have to be frozen and kept until she’s ready.  We want MAX viability of those cells!  We want them as agro and hard-core as possible!  But it’s all a guessing game.  Today marks two weeks from the beginning of this chemo cycle.  Last time it took 9 weeks from the beginning of one round of chemo to sufficient count recovery to begin the next round of chemo.  Of course we can’t predict what her body will do this time.  It could take longer, it could recover quicker.  But if they began the cell processing in the next several days, we would be right at about 9 weeks from the beginning of this current round of chemo when the cells could be ready – it could work out beautifully.  I’d really like to avoid yet another round of chemo.

I am overjoyed!  Thank you Father above!  Thank you for overcoming what seemed an impossibility!!! You can read about the wonders of Allistaire’s transplant and this woman’s generosity from two years ago HERE.

Also, if this blows your mind that this woman has been able to offer life to Allistaire TWICE and you think – WOW! that’s so cool!  Guess what?  You too can give this gift to another person!  Go to Be The Match and sign up for free to be on the registry to be a bone marrow donor.  Sten has actually been called and he is the backup person for someone who needs a donor – if the prime person selected falls through for some reason, Sten is going to have the opportunity to donate his marrow!  What a glorious gift to offer your life to another person, a stranger!  It is just so seriously beautiful!!!IMG_2932IMG_2974 IMG_3267 IMG_2954

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  1. Jai, isn’t tomorrow your birthday? Oh what a special birthday gift. By the way happy birthday! Pray all the numbers will be ready and all goes well.

  2. Oh-so-happy to hear of the new hope you have been given! We pray for you often (and the whole Anderson family….) and praise God with you for the renewed possibility of treatment for Allistaire. I just want to thank you, Jai, for explaining these treatments and processes in such detail — I love that, and read it all with great interest! I am sure you ARE weary….I simply can’t imagine. May the beauty of being *outside* revive you, as well as the unshakable truth of the Word within your heart and mind!

    ….with love from afar….


    ps — hello to dear Jess —^ (!!)

  3. Jai-I’m exuberant-elated-hopeful-and so praise God! Inspired-impressed-and and encouraged-please call me-not sure if you guys are still in Seattle or back at home in Montanta:)

  4. That is fantastic news. Will continue to pray the timing all works out and in 9 weeks she can get her transplant and you can actually look forward to heading back to Montana.

  5. I’m praying that all cells from both sides of the world operate and cooperate to their 100% capability! Allistaire deserves nothing less. God Bless You All!!!

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