rocking chairFour years ago we could never have imagined this little girl connected to genetically modified T-cells but I just got word that the IRB did approve her to move forward with the WT1 trial and get her T-cells!!!! I have no more info at this point but know that they are trying to plan it for next week though this Friday is also a slim possibility.  Her ANC today was 832.  Platelets are still low requiring a transfusion last Saturday.  Thank you for all of your encouragement and prayers!

Thank you God for another open door, a massive thick, seemingly immovable door!

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  1. “I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” – Ps. 27:13-14 Praising God with you and continuing to lift your entire family up in prayer!!!

  2. So grateful to get this news. Prayers for you
    as we all “groan” for the perfect life God intended for us and will one day restore to us. xxoo Joan

  3. As a fellow Mom of sick kids, I can empathize with you but also “rejoice with those who rejoice” . My family and I continue to pray for all of you.

  4. I don’t know how I initially came across your blog, but I’ve been following for a while. Your denial post last week left me with such a hole in my heart that I haven’t wanted to come back to see how you were doing. But oh so happy to see this post. Thoughts and prayers from Atlanta. Sending you my extra strength.

  5. Hello! My name is Tiffany, and I was recently introduced to your heartfelt journey. It was shared with some of my close friends who happen to be from kingdoms across the world. Please contact me when you can, I wanted to send some very special friends of mine from Arendelle to visit your sweet Allistaire and bring some gifts from the other Disney Princesses.

  6. We rejoice! We humbly thank Almighty God for this open door! His ways are not our ways!!! Thank you Jesus! Amen! -Your Port Angeles Friends!

  7. Jai,
    My heart goes out to you in a special way. We fought a long battle for our daughters life for 28 years. She has been gone 9 years now. She had a stem cell transplant in Seattle in 2004 and eventually rejected the donor cells. There were many miracles along the way. We celebrated each birthday she was with us as a precious gift. As I read your blog posts, I remember the things Jen went through during her life. Our prayers go out to each one of your family members and always for Allistaire that she may have a long healthy life. We met both of you at past MSU marrow drives and hope to see you again in Bozeman.
    Many blessings,

  8. How we thank our Lord for His many mercies, and for granting you much grace as you have walked a very difficult path. Thank you for letting us walk it with you by prayer and in our hearts, even from afar. Will continue to pray for this new procedure with the T-cells….for God to strengthen Allistaire’s body to respond….and for healing. I like this first part of Isaiah 58:2 which says, “….they seek Me day by day and delight to know My ways….” I forget so easily that it is day-by-day, step-by-step that we must walk with our God — by faith, not by sight. Seeing you wrestling to do this very thing has been such a wonderful example to me. Your world must feel very small and confined at times, but please know that you are not forgotten!

    ….with love from Mongolia….


  9. All of you have a huge piece of my heart though I have never met you. This heart of mine is happy, elated, and hopeful today. God Bless!

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